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Wednesday , 24 April 2019
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Stop eating these things if you are taking medicine

We are the reason behind our unhealthy lifestyle. In today’s life everybody takes medicines for some ailment or the other. Somebody is taking medicine for cough and cold, somebody for blood pressure and sugar. Sometimes people take medicine with juice, coffee or tea. But do you really know having medicines with these fluids is really not good for health. Yes, if you are taking medicine with the food or some drinks, the medicine will not work that impactfully and can also lead to problems to your health.


Avoid Alcohol:

One should not take alcohol if he/she is taking medicine for sugar, painkiller or antibiotic. As it already mentioned that you should not take alcohol if you are taking these tablets. While drinking alcohol the pressure on liver increases due to which they are unable the break the medicine. Due to this, one can feel sleepy and if liver has to put more pressure to work then it can be damaged also.

Don’t eat bananas:

One should not eat banana with blood pressure medicine. As there is high level of potassium found in banana there is a chance of increasing in patient also, due to which there is a chance of increase in heartbeat rate of the body.

Eating Green Vegetable:

If you are taking anticoagulants medicine which is use to thin you blood then you should not take green vegetable. Because in green vegetables there is a high level of vitamin C which stimulates blood clotting.

Stop taking Vitamin C:

One should not take lemon or orange juice if he/she is having cough syrup. It contain lots of vitamin c due to which you might feel drowsy and you may fall down.

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