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Strange Mother’s Day Gift!

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The five year old boy learned from his school that Mother’s Day is approaching and one is supposed to gift something to their mother. So he asked his mother, ‘What can I gift you Mom on Mother’s Day?’ His mother nonchalantly replied, ‘nothing!’ But the boy was not convinced. He heard from his friends that some of them have bought a card and some others have bought some household items for their mother. He persevered hard and tried to convince his mother that she is supposed to get a gift on the Mother’s Day! They were a poor family and the boy knew that from passing comments of his parents. He thought that his mother wants to curtail expenses so that she can save something. A logical reason indeed! But the boy’s desire was overwhelming and he could not control his stubborn desire. It overcame his logical reasoning. He loved his mother and his desperation to gift her on the occasion was palpable. On seeing the red face of her child, she mellowed down. Then she disclosed her desire for the gift she wants which baffled the little boy! ‘I want a football’. He heard his father was school captain of the football team, but never heard that her mother ever played football neither he has ever seen her playing. The very imagination that her mother is playing football with her trademark red gown amused the boy. He could not control his laughter! With his curious and bemused eyes, he asked her, ‘Would you play football Mom? But I have never seen you playing ever?’ ‘Now I will start playing, son,’ was her calm reply.

The little boy, albeit puzzled, went to the market with his father to buy the football for her Mom. This was his special gift for her on Mother’s Day! The boy was little uncomfortable within that if he discloses his gift for his mom to the friends they might make it a laughing stock. The puzzled and the circumspect boy gifted her mother with a football! She gave a broad and loving smile to him and accepted the gift.

A week has passed since then and nothing unusual happened! However, one day when the boy was having a stroll with his Dad in the nearby neighborhood, when he saw some boys who reside in a slum nearby playing with the football he gifted to his mother. The boy could not believe his eyes, but looked at his father flabbergasted! His father smiled at him and said, ‘Your Mom is poor, but still she helps people who are poorer’. The boy got the best teaching of his life and never forgot that day in his entire life. Many years later when the little boy grew up and got established in life, he taught that lesson to his children so that they grow up and become kind and loving human beings like their grandmother.


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