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Thursday , 23 May 2019
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Strategic cooperation involving Russia, India, and China “unrealistic”, says Chinese official media

A strategic alliance involving Russia, India and China could lead to the emergence of a new powerful group. However, the Chinese official media has termed this strategic triangle “unrealistic” due to the mutual distrust between China and India. Nonetheless, Chinese Defense Ministry said that it is open to cooperation with India and Russia in the defense sector. The ministry was responding to allegations that China was trying to keep away from such an alliance, as it would hurt Pakistan.

It may be recalled that the three countries are already part of an initiative called RIC (Russia, India, China) wherein the foreign ministers of each of the three countries meet every year. However, nothing concrete has emerged yet from the talks since both India and China are trying to establish their supremacy in South Asia and competing in the same markets globally. Moreover, there are several thorny issues that are yet to be resolved such as China’s growing ties with Pakistan and it’s denial to grant NSG (Nuclear Suppliers Group) membership to India. Dalai Lama’s recent visit to Arunachal Pradesh has further soured China’s relations with India.

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