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Saturday , 25 May 2019
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Stress management techniques

#FitnessIndia – Sometimes it seems that we can not do anything for stress or there is nothing that you can do or implement to avoid stress. It’s a natural phenomenon whenever peoples feel problem, issues, un-satisfaction in life related to their career, job, demanding family responsibilities, office pressure etc. No one can increase number of hours in a day, But, still are some way outs and technique to deal with #STRESS.

Tips to manage STRESS:

Say No – It is very important to learn HOW TO SAY NO if something is beyond of your capability. You can take the example of kids, wife, friends or family demands and expectations.

Source of Stress – Find out the source of stress. It is very important, give sometimes to yourself and think in alone the reason of stress and avoid in future.   

Topic Nature- Avoid all such topics which have negative impact on your mind. Avoid all such topics from your conversation list.

Identify the People- This one is most important. Make a list of all such family members, friends, office colleagues Which cause stress to you. And do your utmost efforts in avoiding all such personalities.

Make Environment-  It will be much helpful in coming out of stress. Build a network or nature or atmosphere where you feel very happy and forget all your problems.

Make compromising nature-  It happens many times and with many people that they are problem for themselves, their thoughts can’t let them go ahead. They always stick to a point or issue for longer time.

So, if you can’t change a particular situation, thoughts of person and at least not last the atmosphere. Then change yourself according to requirement.

Reserve time for you- Always reserve sometime for yourself for fun and relaxation to throw away the full day tiredness, sadness and to refill your body with rejoice and happiness.

Yoga- It is one of oldest trick, the human being is using to stress out their body. Sitting in a DHYAN MUDRA gives proper time for introspection and retrospection. And give birth to new powerful thoughts, understanding and ability to deal with atmospheres.  



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