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Study Engineering in Hindi Medium – Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh government has thought to offer engineering course in Hindi medium. This will start from the fresh educational session. This is a real relief to those students who are willing to pursue engineering in Hindi medium. The state government would keep course language option as English or Hindi.

A senior official told that aspirant students will be given the option to select between English and Hindi medium of study at the time of admission to engineering courses.

During Rajiv Gandhi Proudhyogiki Vishwavidyalaya meeting this decision was taken on 16th May.

The decision is criticized by several senior educationists. They cited that this decision will be a step back and it will finish up hazarding the careers of engineering alumnae because during the job placements they will not receive any advantage of Hindi. One of the Professors raised a query by mentioning that it is not practicable teaching engineering subjects in Hindi while the books are obtainable only in English and how to interpret technical expressions.

State Technical education minister Deepak Joshi said the students need not pen the interpreted meaning of technical expressions. Students can pen the English term in Hindi.

The motto of introducing Hindi medium is to aid students who are feeble in English medium, he added.

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