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Friday , 24 May 2019
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Study says more than 54 per cent children look inapt websites in India

A study held by McAfee that reveals that in India, more than 54 percent parents says their children have browsed inapt websites.

The survey was rolled out in 14 countries which include USA, UK and other European countries and India was at highest among all surveyed countries. It also revealed that some 84 percent of parents permit their kids to carry an internet-connected device to bed.

According to the perturbing trends, Indians have appeared ahead of many countries like the US, the UK, Australia and many European countries. McAfee is a cyber-security company, they released study yesterday. It was studied that Indian juveniles are most exposed to cyber victimization.

Experts say that in India some 41 percent are aged less than 18 year uses the internet with the beginning of cheap internet data available in the country.  India is firmest rising smartphone market in the world and parents must monitor their kids’ internet usage in such situation.


According to study, 49 percent parents are concerned that their children might be intermingling online with a social killer or even a cyber-illicit and parents use old approaches to monitoring kids’ convention of the devices like smartphone or laptop, while they should install child defense software.


A consultant psychiatrist at the reputed hospital said that once children get visible to inapt content, they get inclined and start acting pugnaciously and involving in misfortunes. Children get removed from the actual world and their social customs don’t grow.

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