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Friday , 19 April 2019
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Style Your Porch with Panache

Pay attention to every element in your porch and decorate it with love, says


New Delhi, January 28, 2015If the porch is one of the best places to unwind at any time of the day for anyone, why not look at creative ways to decorate it? Read on.

1) Floor: Opt for that kind of flooring of the porch that matches the overall scheme of the home. One can place animal-printed rugs or bamboo carpets on the floor as per taste. 

2) Ceiling: Nude shades such as white or beige work best on the ceiling. Compliment it with a dark brown or black decorative ceiling fan. 

3) Furniture: Porch and wicker furniture go hand-in-hand. The décor of a porch should be kept light, so even if one wants to use wooden furniture it is wise to use lighter ones for a cozy and inviting space. 

4) Plants: Place large pots against the walls. Fill in voids with smaller pots of seasonal flowers. Get hanging planters for your porch as they look very pretty.

5) Decoratives: Accessorize your porch with lamps & lanterns, vases and framed photographs or paintings to instill a feeling of warmth there

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