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Subway or McDonalds’? What is your pick?

subway-or-mcdonalds-what-is-your-pickWith every passing day, the world is becoming faster and we want everything on the go. Food is one thing that attracts everybody. Especially something that can be eaten quickly, has a good taste and is healthy. Well I would like to share my experience about two on the go food items. Subway and Mcdonalds burger are two things that I really like. I do eat both these things quiet frequently. One day I started thinking about eating healthy. I didn’t want to give up on both these items because I really like it. With time, I realized that where burger was not at all healthy and was letting me put on weight subway was healthy. Now when I say healthy I mean it.

McDonald’s burger: A McDonald’s burger is yummy but that little thing comes with 400 to 450 calories. All these calories consist of fat and carbs, nothing healthy. It gives you a lot of weight but no health. One major thing to consider here is that you cannot alter the ingredients of a burger. You eat what they want you to eat and it’s not that filling either. You will go for French fries and then a drink. Making the whole meal a 1000 calorie matter.

Subway: Well when it comes to subway a 6 inch sub a really filling. You can pick healthiest of the breads like wheat bread or a whole grain bread. Now when it comes to the filling inside you can go from veg to any kind of meat they have lots of healthy options. I love chicken so I mostly go for baked chicken. Above that you can add lots of veggies like spinach, onion, cucumber, tomatoes, bell peppers, jalapenos, olives etc. If you want, you can take chees or just say no. So, it’s completely up to you to eat what you want. The entire thing altogether becomes healthy with carbs, protein, fiber etc.

Guys here you have a healthy delight on the go. Now It’s up to you to eat healthy or not.

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