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Sunday , 20 January 2019
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Sudan – Centre of attraction for many tourist

Sudan-Darfur2008-_piramidi-_contesto-_COSV_(7)Sudan is one of the world class destinations in Africa. It is also known as the third largest country in Arab world. Sudan is officallycalled as Republic of Sudan.  It’s an Arab Republic in the North Africa, Nilley Valley. It is bordered by Egypt to North and Eritrea, Ethiopia, and Red Sea in the East, and South Sudan to the South. Whereas it is bordered by southwest by central African republics while Libya to northwest and Chad to west.

Sudan, when south Sudan separated as formed as an independent country, that time, it was the largest country in Africa and Arab world. Now, Sudan is the third largest country in African and also the third largest country in Arab world.

Capital of Sudan is Khroum. Its largest city is Omdurman. Its official language is Arabic and English. It got independence in the year1956 from the United Kingdom and Egypt. Its currency is Sudanese pound.

There are number of states which are popular in Sudan. Some of the states are, Sennar, South Darfur, West Darfur, Kassala, River Nile, and White Nile.


River Nile, Sudan


Kassala, Sudan


Sennar, Sudan

The best thing you can catch in Sudan is, here education is mandatory for children age between 6-13.It results you can find here more than 70 % people literate. And the best thing here, females ratio almost equal in education. Due to promotion of education, you can find here energetic young youth in working sector, which has now become the main reason of its economy growth.

Thus, coming in Sudan, you can catch its excellent culture, enchanting destinations, and its young energetic youth.

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