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SUFI board meets Steel Minister of India to take forward agenda of Steel Policy, 2017

Mumbai, 02nd August 2018: Steel Users Federation of India (SUFI) – delegation led by Shri Nikunj Turakhia President (SUFI), Shri Mitesh Prajapati  – Gen Secretary,  Shri Vinod Bane Secretary, Shri Samir Sanghvi, empanelled members of GST Committee CA  and Shri Abhijeet Sinha E.O.D. B National Programme Director recently met the Hon’ble Steel Minister Govt of India Shri Chaudhary Birendra Singh and Shri Sameer Shukla PS Ministry of Steel at Udyog Bhuvan, Delhi to present various activities done by SUFI  and challenges being faced by the steel fraternity and the road ahead.

The Hon’ble Steel Minister stated that it is about time a combined and consolidated effort is made to put steel industry to growth path. He emphasised the need for innovation and technological advancement in steel making. He informed that Steel Research & Technology Mission of India (SRTMI) has been formed in collaboration with steel mills so that research can take place under single umbrella. These efforts are to make Indian Steel Industry Globally Competitive. He acknowledged the efforts of SUFI in furthering the cause of Indian Steel Industry. SUFI extended an invitation to Hon’ble Steel Minister to be Chief Guest at SUFI Steel Awards-2018 which he accepted graciously.

According to Nikunj Turakhia, President of SUFI, “we are thankful to Hon’ble Steel Minister for accepting our invitation as Chief Guest for 02nd SUFI Steel Awards 2018.” 

“We have also proposed a Round Table Conference between steel stakeholders such as steel mills, steel users, steel traders and service providers in order to have a constructive dialogue to achieve objectives of Steel policy 2017. The Hon. Steel Minister has positively acknowledged our suggestions and agreed to consider the proposal” he further adds.

 The 02nd SUFI Steel Awards 2018 will take place in the month of December 2018. The SUFI Steel Awards is launched with an objective to recognize world class innovation, out of box approach, adapting to changing times, best practices and excellence in steel.

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