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Supreme Court asks Vijay Mallya to appear in the court

Today the Supreme Court saw Vijay Mallya remorseful of disrespect of court and asked him to come in the court on 10 July. The Apex Court asked to appear for arguing on important of the sentence in the matter.

Vijay Mallya is indebted Rs 9,000 crore of Indian banks and he has been staying in the United Kingdom since 2016. In the matter, the Indian government is unyielding the United Kingdom government for Vijay Mallya’s return from London.

He absconded to London last year to prevent his probable arrest in India, as he was alleged for in money laundering case. Today Supreme Court’s order was pertaining to Vijay Mallya’s revelation of properties in the court.

Bench comprising two Justices A K Goel and U U Lalit had enquired Mallya if he had been honest after a group of banks alleged that $40 million was shifted by Vijay Mallya to his three broods which were the defilement of the Karnataka High Court instruction

And it was also said by the group of banks that Vijay Mallya received $40 million from Diageo PLC which is a UK based company. The transfer was not revealed in front of the court.  

Earlier to this, the Karnataka High Court had reserved Vijay Mallya from shifting or estranging any portable and fixed assets to any third party.

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