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Thursday , 20 June 2019
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Supreme Court – It cannot stop Britain to auction Kohinoor diamond

Today the Top Court said that court cannot pass an instruction for regaining the Kohinoor from the Britain and also court cannot halt to auction the Kohinoor. Chief Justice JS Khehar said that court cannot demand a distant government not to hold auction the stuff. Sometimes before, a plea was made to the court, to bring back the Kohinoor diamond to India.

Other Justices DY Chandrachud and SK Kaul of the same case bench said that the plea was indifferent which was filed to get properties of another country. They questioned the plea and said what kind of injunction plea is this.

The Court mentioned a document given by government and also told that center government is on talk with Britain government, to explore the ways on this issue of Kohinoor.     

As per the plea filed by both NGO, Country got independence in the 1947 year, however, every consecutive government at the Centre made no or fewer efforts to get the Kohinoor diamond back from the Britain.

Earlier, the Centre government had told the Apex Court that Kohinoor diamond was neither stolen nor it was forcefully taken by British monarchs but it was given to the East India Company by the rulers of Punjab that time.

The Top court had then inquired if the government was eager to claim Kohinoor, then Centre had then said that request to get Kohinoor back have been upraised in Parliament frequently.


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