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Supreme Court – Move Shahabuddin To Tihar Jail From Siwan jail

SC has instructed Bihar government to move former Rashtriya Janata Dal, MP Mohammad Shahabuddin from Siwan jail of Bihar to Tihar jail of Delhi.


Court’s judgment came on a request filed by Asha Ranjan, whose husband reporter Rajdeo Ranjan was killed in Siwan in 2016. Reporter Ranjan was gunshot dead 2016 in a hectic market near Siwan railway station. Mr. Ranjan was the bureau chief of Hindustan daily. Mohammad Shahabuddin is blamed for Rajdeo’s Ranjan murder.

In a same plea of transferring Mohammad Shahbuddin to Tihar jail, was filed by Chandrakeshwar Prasad whose two sons were murdered by Shahabuddin in year 2004, and court clubbed this plea with Asha Ranjan’s plea. Currently, Shahabuddin is in Siwan jail serving life imprisonment in charge of killing two sons of Chandrakeshwar Prasad. In reporter murder case Bihar government had recommended the (CBI) Central Bureau Investigation (CBI) to probe.

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