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Supreme Court slams WhatsApp for its conflicting privacy policy

The Supreme Court today slammed WhatsApp for its conflicting privacy policy, saying that the chat platform should have the same privacy policy for every country. The court also reminded WhatsApp that the court was the authority on data protection and WhatsApp cannot get away with framing any privacy policy it likes. The court was hearing a petition that alleges risk of data getting compromised. The petition has challenged the new privacy policy of WhatsApp, saying that it compromises user data, as the company can access, read share and use the data for commercial purposes. The court observed that the new privacy policy of WhatsApp appears to be belittling the right of free communication for Indian users.

Expressing its unhappiness in the matter, the court said, “We (are) the data protection authority here. You can’t violate Indian laws only to widen the language of your policy…will protect rights of our citizens to communicate freely.” The court also made another observation, “It is our constitutional duty to protect citizens’ rights. We don’t think any person would want all his data shared with others. You can’t apply different standards of data protection in India.” The court said that it would consider passing an interim order that would bar WhatsApp from sharing any data till the matter is decided by an international tribunal.

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