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Surajgarh Gurgaon – A perfect stop for kids’ day out

With the winter season coming, this is the peak time of the year for kids to have maximum fun. On one hand, when schools will declare holidays, parents, on the other hand, are planning to provide fun-filled and joyous experience to their kids in a positive way. In such a scenario what could be the better option than showing the kids the real heritage of rural India and vibrant culture right in the middle of the Metro city. Surajgarh Gurgaon is a perfect stop for the kids’ day out this vacation, away from the hassles and whistles of the Metro city. The wonderful Resort showcasing ‘village in city’ concept is located at the Golf Course extension Gurgaon.

The beautiful urban village sprawling over 15 acres adjacent to the famous Golf courses provides a serene and authentic Heritage Indian experience to the visitors.

The resort is a perfect place for kids to relax, rejuvenate and recreate the inner self and enjoy the happy moments with their families this winter season. In fact, Surajgarh Gurgaon offers sumptuous heritage, traditional Indian delicacies, mesmerizing village beauty, alluring garden areas, soothing fresh air, adventure sports activities and much more which surely makes the family stay at this authentic urban village a sumptuous realization of a staycation.

Surajgarh Gurgaon – An introduction to the heritage, culture and authentic history of India
With the dawn of modern age, lives in metros are getting busier than ever where even parents are finding it difficult to keep track of their children’s education. In such a fast-paced life, thinking of maintaining the family relations and keeping alive the roots of culture is a far-fetched dream.

Today people are realizing what they have lost amidst the chaos of busy Metro lives, and they search the peace and tranquility of rural life experiences in meandering journies hundreds of miles away from the metros. With an aim to bring the real Indian Heritage villages of Rajasthan and Haryana in mid of the Metro city for all those who thrive to experience the vibrant culture of ethnic Indian life with their families, kids and beloved ones, Surajgarh Gurgaon has brought the ‘Village in City’ in the mid of the Metro city for all.

Surajgarh Gurugram is conceptualized to provide the best experience of cultural heritage and exotic rural India to the city dwellers. The unique ‘Khaan-paan’, lip-smacking village style food cooked slowly on mud baked stoves by the best chefs from palaces of Rajasthan is a toothsome experience for kids. This doesn’t just give a change of taste to kids during their day out, but creates their interest in a food palate which is much more nutritious and healthy in comparison to prevailing western fast foods. The mesmerizingly scenic village with unlimited appetizing ethnic food has become a true attraction for kids since the beginning of Surajgarh Gurgaon.

The amalgamation of vibrant cultures of Haryana and Rajasthan in the architecture of Surajgarh Gurugram brings forth the real villages of India, enriching the experience of kids and enhancing their knowledge of traditional rural life. The exquisite traditional art showcased by Rajasthani artisans and beautiful handcrafted decoration by the rural artists gives kids a visual of the rich heritage that the real India owns.
Activities at Surajgarh Gurgaon – The adventure and excitement filled day

The adventure sports facilities like Commando crawl, rope climbing, Tarzan swing, rope bridges, and ladders, hopscotch at Surajgarh Gurgaon take the excitement and enjoyment several notches higher for kids. Interactive activities of ball balance, plank walk, air gun, long jump and tug of wars also make the day interesting at the resort.

Especially, the traditional fun-filled games like Lattoo, Pithoo, Gulli Danda, Kanche (Marbles), Gulel, Kushti (Wrestling), Kite Flying Dart, and Matki Phod make every moment spent at Surajgarh Gurgaon a lovely memory for life.

The enjoyment of sunset with camel and camel cart rides takes kids back to the traditional Rajasthan with a feel of divine serenity and scenic beauty.

When the sun sets at dusk, the wind goes cold, and the stars lit the sky, the time takes a halt as kids realize their true roots and real heritage of India. With every facility available and exemplary hospitality, Surajgarh Gurgaon is truly a perfect destination for kids’ day out in midst of the metro.

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