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Survey reveals in Japan non-nationals face Major discrimination

In a survey conducted by Justice Ministry, it was found that about 40 percent of overseas residents who wanted accommodation in Japan, their applications were not approved and some 25 percent non-nationals job applications were denied in last 5 years which indicates major discrimination level in Japan.


As per survey language abilities weren’t the concern as 95 percent among who were denied in jobs application and some 90 percent of those who were denied for housing were professional or fluent in Japanese.

As per a Korean accused the property-owner said to him that he couldn’t stay in flat as I am from different nationality.

Further, she added that she was born and raised in Japan and is known to only Japanese language, still there is prejudice and discrimination in Japan.

Justice Ministry ‘s purpose behind conducting survey was to make out discrimination and human rights related issues non-nationals face in Japan and to discover methods to guard non-national’s rights in Japan.

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