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Wednesday , 19 June 2019
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Survey shows 61 percent people say hopes have been met under Modi Government

A survey conducted by LocalCircles on Modi Government’s performance about 61 percent of Indians say their hopes have been met in existence of Narendra Modi government. The survey tilted in favour of Modi Government even in the odd situations like law and order is not in right direction, the rise in price and employment challenges in the country. LocalCircles is an online citizen meeting platform.

This year BJP-led government will be finishing three years.

In the poll, several factors were considered to assess the performance of the Modi government and the direct benefit transfer ‘Pahal’ received the uppermost support rating with 47 percent. Jan Dhan Yojana received 29 percent, Swachh Bharat got 16 percent and Make in India got 8 percent support scores.

In polls, people were mainly dissatisfied by the way their MPs talked their worries and about 69 percent believed that the elected legislatures were not doing sufficient work.

Over 40,000 people from 200 metropolises participated in the poll conducted by LocalCircles.

Foreign policy matters in direction of handling of Pakistan and India’s global impact under the Modi government was applauded broadly. The people were self-assured about their and their family’s future in the country as per the survey.

LocalCircles survey said that largely change has not appeared fast adequately for maximum people and compare to last year a decline is visible in citizens’ score for government in many areas.

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