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Sunday , 18 August 2019
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Swollen hands? Here’s the reason!

The actual reason why the hands swell up has not been able to be pointed out. Some of the causes that experts have pointed out include the following:

Trauma to the affected area:
Considering that our hands and feet are the most exploited parts of our body, they are greatly prone to accidents and injuries because of overuse. For pregnant women, swollen fingers and toes is no news. If you are a woman, a possible reason of this unusual feeling is that you are due for menstruation.

Not being active:
Because you have been inactive all through the night (while sleeping), there is a possibility of feeling uneasy in your hands the following morning. Positioning any part of the body in a single way can lead to mild edema. If you have been exercising in the morning, you can attribute your swollen hands to it because heavy endurance activities influence blood to be pushed to the heart and muscles but the hands.

There are various ways in which you can reduce swollen hands, though it may be close to impossible to try and completely get rid of the problem. Doing the following can restore the size of your hands in a jiffy.

Exercise the swollen hand:
Move the fingers to pump any excess of fluid back to the heart. Other forms of exercise for the hands include typing on the keyboard, flexing or doing work that involves the hand.

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