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Airlines Put Woman On Wrong Flight, Gave Her Someone Else’s Boarding Pass

Air France on Thursday said it was investigating how a passenger was put on the wrong plane, travelling with a boarding pass bearing the same name as another passenger on that flight. Ana Maria Bittencourt Marques, a 45-year-old from Porto Alegre in Brazil, departed from Paris’s Charles de Gaulle airport on Tuesday with the goal of flying to Copenhagen for ... Read More »

New Airport Rules Will Mean Separate Screening For iPads, E-Readers, Other Devices

The Transportation Security Administration said on Wednesday it’s boosting security measures by requiring any carry-on electronic larger than a cellphone to be screened separately at U.S. airports. The new screening will apply to devices like e-readers, iPads, and tablets. In this new screening TSA officers will ask passengers to take out their small electronics and “place them in a bin with ... Read More »

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