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Deutsche Bank considering options of moving out $350 Billion from U.K.

  With United Kingdom ready to leave the EU which is termed as “Brexit”, the country has lot of face both politically and monetarily. While the EU has been demanding few billions of dollars as the fee for the Brexit, many corporates were also looking to move out their job from UK to other EU nation to increase employment in ... Read More »

Teresa May in trouble as 15 MP’s agree to sign no-confidence motion

UK Prime Minister Teresa May who spear headed the Brexit is in trouble. Some 15 Conservative Party MP’s have agreed to sign the non-confidence motion which would lead to her ouster. It is to be rembered here that on June 8, a snap election was held despite May having more than 3 years to rule. “The numbers change from day ... Read More »

Indian’s occupy top positions in UK Wealthy List

Brexit may not have favoured many across U.K but it has been most favourable for few businessmen, most of them are Indians are Person of Indian Origin(PIO) settled in the U.K. The list has seen a phenomenal increase of wealth compared to the last year. To put it simply, the wealth commanded by Top 1000 wealthy individuals last year is ... Read More »

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