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China says border standoff with India is temporary

The border standoff with India “will not affect” the “long-standing” economic and cultural ties between the two countries, a top Chinese official said. The announcement comes at a time when the tension between the two Asian Powers is on the rise following the Chinese accumulating troops in the Arunachal/Sikkim border which also prevented the pilgrims undertaking Amarnath Yatra. “India and ... Read More »

China warns India of serious consequences if it doesn’t withdraw troops from Doklam area

An editorial on Monday in the official China Daily newspaper called on India to “withdraw all of its troops” from the Doklam area “before the situation deteriorates and leads to more serious consequences.” It also said Beijing “will not make any compromises when it comes to its territorial integrity”. The editorial was the latest in the non-stop barrage of shrill ... Read More »

End This Nonsense,’ Donald Trump Urges China After North Korea Missile Test

US President Donald Trump urged China to take decisive action against North Korea on Monday after its latest ballistic missile launch, urging Beijing to “end this nonsense once and for all”. “Does this guy have anything better to do with his life?” Trump said of his North Korean counterpart Kim Jong-Un after South Korea’s military reported that a ballistic missile had ... Read More »

Around 100 people feared buried in China landslide: State media

Close to 100 people from 40 homes are feared buried after a landslide in Maoxian country in China’s Sichuan province on Saturday. Rescue operation have begun to trace those missing. Rescuers used ropes to move a massive rock while dozens of others scoured the mountain for survivors. Bulldozers and heavy diggers were also deployed to remove boulders. Local police captain Chen ... Read More »

By 2024, India to overtake China as most populous nation in the world: UN

According to UN Forecast, India’s population is projected to touch 1.5 billion in 2030. The 2017 Revision, published by the UN department of Economic and Social Affairs said that curt China with 1.41 billion inhabitants and India with 1.34 billion. “In roughly seven years or in 2024, the population of India is expected to surpass that of China” the report ... Read More »

China approves 9 rejected Trump Trademarks

Chinese Government in a bizzare move has approved nine Trump trademarks which it has rejected earlier drawing criticism from across the various sections for giving up to the Trump’s administration and pressure giving special treatment to the family’s business. Trump who is already been accused of accepting gifts from foreign governments being in the capacity for President of United States ... Read More »

Employees of Apple’s suppliers arrested in China

Chinese authorities have busted an underground operation where in they have arrested not less than a dozen of employees of direct Apple suppliers and also from agencies where the work is outsourced too. It is believed that millions of user data was compromised where it was sold anywhere between USD 1.47 to USD 11.78 which included name,phone numbers, Apple id’s ... Read More »

China is likely to set up military base in Pakistan

China is likely to establish additional military bases in Pakistan and other countries with which it has a longstanding friendly tie ups. In its annual report to the Congress on China’s military build-up, the US Department of Defence said China’s construction of military base in the strategic location of Djibouti is just the first of what will likely be an ... Read More »

China talks about India’s NSG bid

China on Monday said that the India’s bid to NSG may not have its backing since it termed the attempt as a complicated one under the new circumstances and said that non-discriminatory solution applicable to all non-NPT signatory countries. “About the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) it is a new issue under the new circumstances and it is more complicated than ... Read More »

India is 2nd in the world for Android App downloads

India has overtaken US to become the 2nd nation in the world for the most number of Android App downloads. India is next only to China. With 355 million users, the google play store witnessed 6 billion app downloads last year alone. The figures were just 4 billion a year earlier and has witnessed more than 50% jump during the ... Read More »

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