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Is India world’s most populous country!!

India is a second largest country in the world in population, but now this is claimed by researchers that India is the most populous country in the world. As per the claim, China’s population calculation is not correct and in the current scenario, India is a most populous country in the world. During an occasion at China’s Peking University on ... Read More »

China sees lower rating from rating agency

Moody’s Investors Service is a one of the prominent agency for credit ratings and risk analysis. The company provides its analysis and credit rating service across the globe. Yesterday the Moody’s Investors Services lowered China’s long-standing local and foreign currency issuer scores. As per the research company in impending years to come, China is world’s second main economy and it ... Read More »

India to boycott China’s belt & road forum

India is set to boycott the most expected belt and road forum by China which begins at Beijing today in view of sovereignty concerns related to the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor.  The Belt and Road forum is an initiative by Chinese President Xi Jinping. India has not given an official statement on the boycott. However, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said “Although Indian leader ... Read More »

Srilanka rejects docking of Chinese submarine

Srilanka has rejected the docking request for Chinese submarine. With Prime Minister Modi is on his 2 days official visit to the island nation, this is seen with a great importance. Srilanka last allowed the submarine to be docked in Colombo in October 2014 which is been seen by India as China’s dominance and assertion to prove its mighty in ... Read More »

Chinese Investment in exchange of EB-5 Visas

Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner’s family is soliciting wealthy Chinese clients to buy stakes in real estate through a controversial government program that offers US residency in exchange for investment. Jared Kushner is the White House Senior Advisor. This comes at the time when U.S. has tightened the issue of visas especially the H1B Visas which has already created a discontent among ... Read More »

China to launch its own encyclopedia to counter Wikipedia

China is planning to launch its own version of Encyclopedia to counter the renowned Wikipedia. China is always known for producing and promoting counter products and services and the news comes as no surprise since Wikipedia is used worldwide. It countered Google with Baidu. It countered Amazon with Alibaba. Well, the list is long. It is hoping to build a ... Read More »

China Stopped Manipulating Currency After I Became President: Donald Trump

US, Government Shutdown, September, Donald Trump

In an unprecedented claim by US President Donald Trump, he insisted that China’s currency manipulation stopped after he was elected as the President of the US.   Trump has always blamed China as a currency manipulator since his election days and vowed to stabilise the situation if he comes to power.  President Trump claimed that China has been manipulating its ... Read More »

China tweaks Taiwan’s name

China is again in the news. Recently it renamed 6 places of Arunachal Pradesh and now it has called Taiwan with a different name. China has never approved Taiwan as a country and has always insisted that it is a part of its territory. China Central Television addressed Taiwan as “Zhongguo Taipei” instead of “Zhonghua Taipei” which raised objection from its ... Read More »

Chinese President Xi tells army to be combat ready

  Chinese President Xi Jinping has asked the army to be combat ready amidst the ever growing tension in the South China sea regions which sees the claims over disputed islands between China, Malaysia, Philippines, Brunei and Vietnam among other countries. Xi, the ruling Communist party’s General Secretary & the Central Military Commission’s Chairman, made the comments while inspecting the ... Read More »

US To Solve North Korea Issue Without China: President Trump


Making his intentions very clear about North Korea, the US President Donald Trump has said that the US will solve the North Korea problem with or without China. He said that it would be great if China decides to help in solving the impending threat of a nuclear North Korea. However if it did not, then the United States would solve ... Read More »

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