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Trump acknowledges India as victim of terrorism

US President Donald Trump, during his speech at the Arab-Islamic-US summit, acknowledged that India was a victim of terrorism and asked countries to ensure that terror groups don’t find sanctuaries on their soil. The President further pledged to work alongside the West Asian nations to combat extremist ideology in the region as all the countries from the US to India, Australia ... Read More »

Donald Trump’s leave the USA on Friday for overseas trip

According to the Associated Press in a draft, US president Donald Trump will visit the Middle East in view of asking the Arab leaders to stand in unity and fight against the evils. The president stated that it is a fight between good and evil. As per the source, he will be giving away the speech on this Sunday in Saudi Arabia ... Read More »

Donald Trump to meet Pope Francis neglecting the differences

On 24t May Bishop of Rome, Francis will receive USA President Donald Trump at the Vatican City. During the Donald Trump’s visit to Italy, in the morning, Donald Trump’s interview with Pope Francis will arise before Donald Trump is planned to join a G7 summit conference in Sicily, Italy. Earlier both leaders have betted out contrasting policy points and majorly ... Read More »

US Needs ‘Good Shutdown’ In September To Fix Mess: Donald Trump

US, Government Shutdown, September, Donald Trump

The US President Donald Trump is known for making headlines for his unprecedented style of governing as well as tweeting. In a recent tweet, he said that, “Our country needs a good ‘shutdown’ in September to fix mess.”   Trump is hoping for an unusual step as well as advocated a forced shutdown of the federal government as both Republicans and Democrats were ... Read More »

China Stopped Manipulating Currency After I Became President: Donald Trump

US, Government Shutdown, September, Donald Trump

In an unprecedented claim by US President Donald Trump, he insisted that China’s currency manipulation stopped after he was elected as the President of the US.   Trump has always blamed China as a currency manipulator since his election days and vowed to stabilise the situation if he comes to power.  President Trump claimed that China has been manipulating its ... Read More »

Saudi Arabia Not Paying Fair Share For US Defence: Donald Trump

Saudi Arabia, US Defence, Donald Trump

In an another rant against another nation, US President Donald Trump said that Saudi Arabia has not been treating the United States fairly and US is losing a tremendous amount of money defending the kingdom. In an interview with Reuters, Donald Trump said that his administration was in talks about possible visits to Saudi Arabia and Israel in the second half of May. The ... Read More »

Donald Trump Wishes Britain Best Of Luck With Early Election

Donald Trump

US President Donald Trump wished Britons “best of luck” with the early election announced by their prime minister, Theresa May, on Tuesday. A brief statement from the White House claimed that British Prime Minister Theresa May called US President Donald Trump regarding her plans to call a special election in June. The statement also read that “President Trump wished the British ... Read More »

US NSA HR McMaster To Meet PM Narendra Modi And Ajit Doval In Delhi

HR McMaster

In a major outreach by US President Donald Turmp’s administration, United States National Security Adviser (NSA) H R McMaster is likely to meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Delhi today. He is also expected to meet External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj and his Indian counterpart Ajit Doval. McMaster yesterday held talks with Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, Prime Minister’s Adviser on ... Read More »

US To Solve North Korea Issue Without China: President Trump


Making his intentions very clear about North Korea, the US President Donald Trump has said that the US will solve the North Korea problem with or without China. He said that it would be great if China decides to help in solving the impending threat of a nuclear North Korea. However if it did not, then the United States would solve ... Read More »

Donald Trump Threatens GOP; Asks To Pass Health Care Bill

Donald Trump

The President of United States of America Donald Trump has threatened the House of Republicans to pass the new health care bill or else their jobs were on the line in next year’s elections. The coming Thursday with witness the high profile discussion on the health care bill which has provided coverage to some 20 million Americans. Republican Mike Conaway, R-Texas said that ... Read More »

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