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Election Commission seeks ‘contempt powers’ against those tarnishing its image

According to a report the EC has sought amendments to the Contempt of Courts Act, 1971, to empower it to punish anyone being disobedient or discourteous towards its authority. The letter was written one month ago and it is under consideration with law ministry.  In the letter the commission including Election commission of Pakistan which has powers to punish those ... Read More »

EVM challenge today

The Election Commission will organize the EVM challenge in New Delhi today where political parties will try to prove that the machines can be rigged. However, only the Nationalist Congress Party and CPI(M) have shown willingness to participate in the challenge. The Commission has pulled out 14 Electronic Voting Machines for the challenge from its strong rooms in Uttar Pradesh, ... Read More »

EC’s EVM Challenge – CPI-M & NCP alone accepts

The challenge thrown by the Election Commission following the opposition parties cry in the assembly that the EVM can be tampered, is accepted by NCP and CPI-M. The Election Commission said that the EVM’s are the safest in the world and cannot be tampered and that those who wanted to prove it can do so after June 3rd, Chief Election ... Read More »

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