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Indian Firms ‘Gaming’ H-1B Visa System: US Lawmaker Darrell Issa

H1-B Visa

In a direct attack on Indian IT firms, the California Congressman Darrell Issa claimed that Indian IT firm have tweaked the H-1B Visa System. He also claimed that his recently introduced law of  increasing the salary of H-1B workers will bring the best talents to the US and help fix the flaws in the existing H-1B system. Congressman Darrell Issa attacked the Indian IT firms ... Read More »

Indian IT Firms Should Stop Using H1-B Visas: Narayana Murthy

Narayan Murthy

Narayana Murthy, has suggested that Indian IT firms should stop using the H-1B visas, instead utilize local employees to get the job done. He was talking to NDTV on the issue of US President Donald Trump’s recent step towards regularization of H-1B Visas and its impact on Indian IT industry. Murthy was very blunt while suggesting that Indian IT companies that they ... Read More »

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