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Thursday , 27 June 2019
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Iran fuelling gulf tension

Iran had come to the rescue to Qatar after the ties with the oil rich nation was cut by Saudi,UAE and other Gulf Nations accusing of creating an instability in the Gulf region. Iran said it is planning to send 100 tons of fresh fruit and legumes everyday.   “So far five planes carrying … vegetables have been sent to ... Read More »

Hassan Rouhani wins Iran President election for the second time

Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani has been re-elected yet again as per the announcement made by the state television. This was a much expected victory but certainly not the margin. Hassan was one of the powerful leaders the country has ever seen. In the election which saw close to 41.4 millions being cast, Hassan secured 57% which works out at 23 ... Read More »

Iran woman football player kicked out of national team

 The Iranian Football team has chucked one of its female football player out of the national team for playing without a hijab while on a personal trip to Switzerland.  Shiva Amini was on holiday. She took part in a game with a group of men and officials from the Iranian Futsal Federation waded through her social media accounts to find ... Read More »

Iran On Notice Over Recent Missile Test – US

Iran On Notice

Donald Trump is having some tough times ahead as countries around the world are doing what they want to do but not following his policies. Recently the Islamic Republic of Iran conducted missile tests and American stance was as expected tough and hard. The National Security Adviser (NSA) said that the US has put Iran on notice because of the ... Read More »

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