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AMU Not Serving Food to Hindus During Ramzan?

Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) has embroiled in controversy after claims that non-Muslims students were not being served breakfast and lunch during Ramzan Omar Peerzada, who is the PRO of the University, told that the news was incorrect. Peerzada said that the AMU administration had instructed the mess authorities to provide food to non-fasting students on demand. He said that this ... Read More »

Breakfast,Lunch not served for non-muslims at Aligarh Muslim University

ABVP and BJYM leaders have alleged that non-muslim students were not served breakfast and lunch during Ramzan at the Aligarh Muslim University. This claim is however refuted by the University authorities who said that they provide food “on demand” irrespective of religion. Vinay Varshney, a BYJM Leader said here in the AMU that be refusing food to the boarders during ... Read More »

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