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Navratri: Shiv Sainiks force shut over 500 meat, chicken shops

Taking Navratri as an excuse, over 500 meat and chicken shops in Gurgaon were allegedly shut down by Shiv Sena workers for on Thursday. “We have served notices to every meat and chicken shop. This time we have not served notices to restaurants, such as KFC and other food chains which serve chicken in their restaurants as it is not ... Read More »

Shiv Sena asks Congress to check their “mental balance” on nomination of VP Candidate

The Shiv Sena on Monday  asked Congress to check it’s mental balance for having nominated Gopalkrishna Gandhi for the post of Vice-President of India. “I just want to ask her that on what basis, the Congress has nominated Gopalkrishna Gandhi for the post of the Vice-President. He is the same man, who advocated for the mercy plea for Mumbai serial ... Read More »

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