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Assad’s Forces Still Left With Several Tonnes Of Chemical Weapons: Israel

Assad, Chemical Weapons, Israel, Syria, ISIS, US, UN

In a warning directed towards the US, the Israel’s military claimed that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s forces still possess several tonnes of chemical weapons. The army has issued their assessment two weeks after a chemical attack that killed nearly 90 people in Syria. Israel has also blamed Assad’s military for the chemical attack as many other nations.  French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault also ... Read More »

Syrian Gas Attack: 100 Dead, 400 Injured; UN Launched Investigation

Syrian Gas Attack At Least 100 Dead, 400 Injured

In a shocking revelation, a suspected chemical attack in Syria has killed 100 people and more than 400 people suffering from respiratory problems in Syrian northwestern province of Idlib on Tuesday. A Syria medical relief group has claimed that the number of deaths might rise.  The UN has also counted the tragedies on similar lines and said that the village of ... Read More »

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