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Teresa May in trouble as 15 MP’s agree to sign no-confidence motion

UK Prime Minister Teresa May who spear headed the Brexit is in trouble. Some 15 Conservative Party MP’s have agreed to sign the non-confidence motion which would lead to her ouster. It is to be rembered here that on June 8, a snap election was held despite May having more than 3 years to rule. “The numbers change from day ... Read More »

Teresa May announces 5 Million Pounds for London Victims

The Grenfell Tower fire victims has some respite. Though the loss of life cannot be replaced by any means, British PM Teresa May has announced an ex-gratia of 5 Million Pounds to the victims. The cash would be distributed to the residents. The news comes at a time when the Government was criticised for failing to stop the disaster at the ... Read More »

Corbyn asks May to quit after election losses

Britain’s Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has demanded Prime Minister Theresa May to quit after election losses. The snap election which was conducted on June 8th after being called for it by Teresa May when she still has over 3 years to complete her existing tenure has come as a shocker for the Conservative Party. Teresa May who is regarded as one ... Read More »

UK to face issues triggering Brexit

U.K. which has triggered article 50 t leave European Union is set to face himalayan task in getting this done. Firstly, the PM Teresa May has to meet the leaders from the EU in the EU Parliament and convince them of this since this may not go down well with the coalition countries. Even if they agree, they are expected ... Read More »

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