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Tiger count in Kaziranga rises from 83 to 104 in 3 years

Latest estimate shows that there are 104 tigers in Kaziranga National park and Burachapori. In 2014 there were 83 tigers. While 95 adult tigers were found in Kaziranga National Park , two adult tigers and their cubs were found in Burachapori.  Both the parks are located within Kaziranga Tiger reserve. “In 2014 the maximum range for the tiger population in ... Read More »

Over 20 tigers die in Indian zoos every year

According to Association of Indian Zoo and Wildlife Veterinarians over 20 tigers die every year in captivity in zoos across India. In 2015-16, there were 245 tigers and 99 white tigers in captivity in the country. In the same year, 16 white tigers and 28 ordinary tigers died in zoos, according to AIZWV. Ordinary tigers are housed in 60 zoos, ... Read More »

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