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US President Donald Trump’s Heartfelt Father’s Day Message

US President Donald Trump released a Father’s Day message says that how fathers impart lessons on hard work, dedication to family, establishing a moral foundation for success, and believing in oneself. “Fathers have the ability and responsibility to instill in us core values we carry into adulthood. The examples they set and the lessons they impart about hard work, dedication ... Read More »

Trump cancel’s Obama’s deal with Cuba

In one of his trademark and much expected action, US President Donald Trump announced that he is cancelling he deals activated by Obama with Cuba. The announcement comes as a shocker to the World nations since Cuba was always at the warring end with the United States which was nullified to a certain extent by earlier President Barack Obama. Trump ... Read More »

China approves 9 rejected Trump Trademarks

Chinese Government in a bizzare move has approved nine Trump trademarks which it has rejected earlier drawing criticism from across the various sections for giving up to the Trump’s administration and pressure giving special treatment to the family’s business. Trump who is already been accused of accepting gifts from foreign governments being in the capacity for President of United States ... Read More »

Reject violence to pursue peace: Trump

United States President Donald Trump on Friday wished Muslims a “joyful Ramadan” and has urged the Muslims to reject violence and help fight terrorism around the world. This may not go down well with the Muslims as they are branded as terrorists by the President of USA. “At its core, the spirit of Ramadan strengthens awareness of our shared obligation ... Read More »

Trump proposes to convert US Grants to Pakistan as Loans

In what would become a major setback to the double faced Pakistan is that United States President Donald Trump has proposed in his annual budget to the Congress to convert US’ grant to Pakistan for purchase of military hardware into a loan. The State Department was asked to take a call on this. Pakistan has always been diverting funds and ... Read More »

Trump’s first foreign visit with mega deals signed with Saudi

Donald Trump who undertook his first ever foreign visit after taking over as President of USA landed in Saudi Arabia on Saturday which saw something exceptional. It was King Salman himself who came to receive Trump at the airport as soon as the Airforce One landed. Unlike last time when Barrack Obama visited the country as the President, the King ... Read More »

Russian links inquiry hurts US terribly – Trump

  President Donald Trump who has been accused by the Hillary Clinton camp saying that he deployed Russian hackers to sabotage her election campaign has said the decision to appoint a special counsel to oversee the inquiry into Russian influence on his election is hurting America “terribly”. Former FBI chief Robert Mueller has been appointed for the post which has been ... Read More »

Trump given Honorary Degree by Liberty University

Donald Trump, President of USA was conferred with a Honorary Degree by the Liberty University yesterday. Accepting the degree, he gave a speech which was telecast LIVE on a private news channel which went for an hour. Trump has asked the youth to put the faith into actin. He also said they believe in GOD which is why the currency ... Read More »

Ivanka Trump was forced to defend Donald Trump in G20 Women’s Summit

Ivanka Trump’s first major outing in her official capacity as Special Assistant to the President of US was booed in the G20 Summit. Ivanka who was seen with top leaders like Angela Merkel,Chancellor of Germany and Christine Lagarde, Head of IMF(International Monetary Fund) was forced to defend her father’s attitude. Trump was criticised for his attitude towards women especially after ... Read More »

Trump’s Proposed Tax for 2017

Donald Trump, as promised in his election manifesto has announced the new Tax Plans for 2017 for USA. Some of the highlights are given below: Reducing the existing tax brackets of 7 to 3 which will have 15%, 25% and 35% for the individuals. Doubling the standard deduction. Provide tax relief to American families – particularly middle-income families. Protecting the ... Read More »

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