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Indian doctor in US chased, stabbed to death; patient arrested

An Indian-origin doctor was stabbed to death near his clinic in Kansas, US. One of his patients has been arrested as a suspect in the crime, according to police. Achutha Reddy’s death in Witchita on Wednesday is the second killing this year of an Indian in Kansas where Srinivas Kuchibhotla was shot dead in February. Both hailed from Telangana. The ... Read More »

India and US to carry out joint military exercise

India and US will be conducting their 13th edition of joint military exercise which will be stretched for two weeks in Washington starting from September 14. The annual exercise which is named   “Yudh Abhyas” is to further strengthen the joint cooperation and to equip both the armies to meet and diffuse any unforeseen event across the globe.   The ... Read More »

Military action against North Korea not “First Choice” – Trump

It was only a few days back that the US President Donald Trump thundered that the threat from North Korea will be met with “fire and fury like the world has never seen” if they continue to expand their nuclear and missile programme but has now retracted saying that the military action against the rogue nation was not the first ... Read More »

North Korea warns more “gift package” for US

North Korea’s latest and biggest nuclear weapons test which has created world wide condemnation making even it’s ally countries like China, Russia to talk against it is ready to send “more gift packages” to the United States, according to one of its top official.   Han Tae Song, ambassador of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea to the United Nations ... Read More »

US destroyer collision off Singapore leaves 10 sailors missing

The USS John S McCain destroyer class navy ship has collided with an oil tanker this morning near Singapore which has resulted in ten nay sailors missing with five more being injured. The warship has suffered damage at the rear left side.    The ship has been indulged in regular patrolling and naval exercises in the past with the South East ... Read More »

Hizbul Mujahideen blacklisting by US is unjustified – Pakistan

  Pakistan was disappointed with the United States which has marked the Hizbul Mujahideen which has unleashed terrorism in Kashmir as a foreign terrorist organisation calling the move as ‘unjustified’. This comes at the time when India has been trying all its best to make Pakistan agree that they nurture terrorists in their own backyard which has been vehemently denied ... Read More »

Trump says “US may take Military Action” against Venezuela

  US President Donald Trump has said that he is considering military options on Venezuela due to the escalating crisis mentioning that the situation in the South American nation is in a “very dangerous mess”.   Trump who earlier had warned North Korea that even if they think about attacking US or its allies, they would get it in return ... Read More »

US company offers to search MH370

  Ocean Infinity, a Texas-based firm that specialises in seabed exploration technology has announced that it is willing to search for the missing MH370 and has submitted the proposal for the same. The airlines belonging to Malaysian Airlines went missing more than 3 years ago with 239 passengers creating various speculations that it has been hijacked by aliens, shot down ... Read More »

US to ban travel to North Korea from September 1

A ban on travel by U.S. passport holders to North Korea will take effect on Sept. 1 and Americans in the country should leave before that date, the U.S. State Department said on Wednesday. The U.S. said it would likely begin a ban after the death of Otto Warmbier, a University of Virginia student who was detained in Pyongyang’s airport ... Read More »

Indian Travellers Can Now Get Expedited Entry Into US

Low-risk Indian travellers to the US from now on would experience speedy entry into the country after landing, with India making a formal entry into an American initiative. US President Donald Trump welcomed India’s entry into the International Expedited Traveler Initiative (Global Entry Program), saying it would facilitate closer business and educational ties between the citizens of India and the ... Read More »

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