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Pope Bumps Head, Hurts Left Eye While Riding Popemobile In Colombia

Pope Francis lost his balance while riding in the popemobile through a crowd in Cartagena, Colombia, on Sunday, bruising his left cheekbone and eyelid, but he was not seriously hurt. The Vatican said he received ice treatment and was fine to continue on his trip. Video images showed the pope hitting the left side of his face against a vertical bar ... Read More »

Pope’s mailbox in Vatican is guarded by a Goan Nun

A sister who hails from Goa, guards the Pope’s mailbox in Vatican. She works for 7 hours a day where she goes through the letters,greetings,requests for prayers and other request like settlement of family disputes among others. Sister Lucy has been doing this religiously for the past 13 years. She is the only Indian among 300 odd staff who as ... Read More »

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