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Chinese media blame the USA for WannaCry ransomware cyber-attack

WannaCry ransomware has created turmoil across the world.  Today Chinese media condemned the United States for delaying struggles to halt global cyber intimidations in the stir of the WannaCry ransomware bout. The WannaCry ransomware has septic over 350,000 computers across the globe in last few days. China Daily said that National Security Agency of USA should carry some responsibility for ... Read More »

North Korea may have connection to WannaCry ransomware action

According to the cyber security detectives, they have found procedural indication which could relate North Korea with the global WannaCry “ransomware” cyber-attack. Because of the WannaCry ransomware more than 300,000 computers in 150 nations are affected since Friday. The two big virus software expert companies Symantec and Kaspersky Lab told yesterday that some code in previous version of the WannaCry software ... Read More »

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