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Tuesday , 23 April 2019
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Take your workout to the next level

CapturePrevailing Paradigm:The era of fitness wearables have been welcomed both by fitness enthusiasts and athletes alike.  These wearable devices have immensely helped people track their physical activities and workout regimes on the one hand and some physiological parameters like pulse rate on the other. These devices in spite of these features have a major downside that prevents it from giving the users a full picture of how their body is responding to exercises and workouts.

The GAP: Human body produces energy using fuel/ food and oxygen. Human cells consume oxygen to turn fuel (food, sugar, glycogen, and body fat) into energy. Blood transports oxygen to these cells. Hence, Energy which is the output of this reaction is dependent on oxygen levels in the body. People measure the food that they consume by tracking the intake of calories but seldom have any clue about the oxygen levels in the body which when measured would give vital clues to muscular function and overall performance of the body. Hence, measuring oxygen in blood to knowif the body is ready for a workout and status of the body after the workoutcan help people stay healthy, understand their body and train better.

Product:Cometh iSpO2 – A device that can measure levels of oxygen in the blood and be a valuable tool toguide a person in achievingoptimal work out.iSpO2 is a revolutionary design from the global leaders of pulse oximetry which converts a smart mobile device into a pulse oximeter.

It is available for a variety of android and iOS devices.

Features:The iSpO2 pulse Oximeter allows you to noninvasively track and trend blood oxygenation (SpO2- measures the percentage of oxygen being transported in the blood), pulse rate (PR), and perfusion index (PI).

Testimonials and usage: iSpO2 is now being used by several Olympic athletes for their fitness trainings. iSpO2 has also been featured in the book “The Science of Fitness: Power, Performance, and Endurance,” authored by three-time Tour de France champion Greg LeMond and Dr. Mark Hom, an interventional radiologist

 “We were able to test the iSpO2 device and found it to be very accurate, repeatable, and extremely easy to use.” – Dr. Mark Hom

Measure Oxygen in Blood – Improve your fitness scientifically- Unleash your true potential

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