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Taking care of winter clothes

Taking care of winter clothes newspatrollingKeeping winter/woolen clothes fresh and clean requires efforts, and demands a regular habit. When taking care of your winter clothes, you need to understand the basic difference bwteen the woolen clothes and the rest, so that you use the correct method.

Below are some tips to keep your winter clothes clean and fresh:

⦁ Wash the woolen clothes in normal/cold water
⦁ Use mild liquid detergent such as Ezee
⦁ Don’t wash it too often
⦁ Do not squeeze after washing
⦁ Never bleach
⦁ Never hand on line to dry
⦁ Dry it on a flat surface at room temperature
⦁ Never iron
⦁ Whenever storing, put moth balls
⦁ Between very use, brush the woolens to get rid of accumulated dust

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