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Talaq by WhatsApp Message – FIR against Techie in US

A housewife registered a complaint in Police station against her husband and in-law’s after she was divorced thru WhatsApp message by her husband who is in USA.


In year 2015, Usman Qureishi 25 year old, a senior analyst married to Mahreen Noor, 20. After the marriage Usman left to New York after spending time with his wife.

As per report, Mahreen was staying with her in-laws and last week of February, she got a WhatsApp message from her husband, Usman citing – Talaq Talaq Talaq.

After this her in-laws pushed her out of their house and then she filed a complaint on 27th February.

As per policeman the family members of Usman claimed that their son sent talaq notice via email but Mahreen did not get any talaq documents and the talaq over WhatsApp does not make sense it is nullify.

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