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Wednesday , 16 January 2019
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Taliban orders Donald Trump to remove US troops from Afghanistan

In the latest warning to the United States, the Taliban has written an open letter to the US President Donald Trump. In the letter, the Taliban has warned US of consequences and has ordered for the removal of all US troops from Afghanistan. The letter also says that US should stop listening to stooges in Kabul. By the term ‘stooges’, the Taliban was referring to the existing government in Afghanistan. The Taliban has dared to call the current government stooges since the government has control over a limited area only in Afghanistan. Due to its rough terrain and underdeveloped infrastructure, it is not possible for central governments to control the entire Afghanistan. This is why local warlords and organizations like Taliban continue to flourish in the country.

The warning letter issued by Taliban comes in the wake of the recent decisions, wherein the US is planning to increase troops in Afghanistan. Around 4,000 troops are expected to be added to the current strength in Afghanistan, as part of the NATO-led coalition. In its letter, the Taliban says that increasing troops will not be helpful, as is evident from past events. The letter also says that the Taliban can attack and capture the major cities of Afghanistan anytime it wants, but it is not doing so because such an action can lead to civilian causalities.

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