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Tamil Nadu: Family of Anitha refuses government compensation

The family members of Anitha, the medical aspirant who committed suicide on Friday have refused to accept ₹7 lakh in compensation announced by the State government.

According to sources, the deceased’s father, Shanmugam, politely refused to accept a cheque for ₹7 lakh, offered by Collector G. Laxmi Priya and Superintendent of Police Abinav Kumar to offer their condolences to the bereaved family.

After offering floral tribute to Anitha, Ms. Priya consoled Shanmugam and his four sons.

The district collector Lakshmi Priya went to handover the cheque to Anitha’s father but he refused to receive it.

Her brother Maniratnman said,  ” It was dream of Anitha that she become a doctor. My father has clearly said that government should help poor students become doctor and not be affected by NEET. Only if Tamil Nadu government fulfills that wish we will accept the solatium. We don’t have the necessity to live with the money given by the government.”

There is a growing cry to help students from Tamil Nadu who have been affected by NEET.

DMK has convened an all party meeting on Monday evening to find a solution to help students affected by NEET.


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