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School students design urinals from useless plastic bottles -Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu:  Students has designed reasonable urinals by using waste plastic carafes. Such low cost and environment-friendly urinals designing gave them the opportunity to win a Rs 50,000 cash prize in a national design competition.

Union Middle School in Karumbapatti was distressing because of the danger of impure toilets for a long time.

The insanitary disorder in school’s washroom was creating various communicable diseases. The male students had to urinate on the floor and which was producing their shoes to be muddy by urine and this was the reason of many urinary infections.

In the Design for Change competition, students could think of the solution and they did it. The students found the solution to repair the toilet issue.

Because the urinal installation cost was more, therefore, the students came up with idea of making urinal with the plastic bottle, they cut the waste plastic fizz clippings longitudinally and tinted with white color to those plastic cut bottles and make them look like urinals

Students arranged some money from teachers to obtain other essential parts to make the fresh designed urinals useful. Students also did the piercing and piping to give the urinals their final forms.

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