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Tamil Nadu to launch Rs 10 milk sachets, plan to improve cow fertility

Tamil Nadu government announced that milk sachets costing Rs 10 will be launched to help the poor access nutritious milk.

In addition to this, a plan to improve fertility of sterile cows and a backyard poultry scheme for benefit of people living below the poverty line was also announced in the assembly.

“To help poor people access nutritious milk, 225 ml milk sachets priced at Rs 10 will be launched,” Dairy Minister K T Rajenthrabhalaji said.

Animal Husbandry minister P Balakrishna Reddy apprised the House that under a Rs six crore plan for dryland cattle, sterile cow breeds will be provided medication and mineral mixture after finding out reasons for their infertility.

Through this, sale of cow breeds with high yield capacity will be prevented and when such cattle begin giving milk yield, it will help farmers economically, he added.

While explaining about the free distribution of milch cows and goat schemes in Tamil Nadu, the minister said,

“on account of the severe drought situation in the state, the schemes have been temporarily stopped with effect from December 2016 and will be resumed after receipt of adequate rainfall.”

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