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Teen schoolgirls are the new stone pelters in Kashmir

First, they targeted the brains and were successful, and now, they have somehow managed to poison the hearts too. First, there were only boys pelting stones in Kashmir and now teen schoolgirls have joined the force. It’s a sorry picture to look at, but that’s how things are getting from bad to worse in Kashmir. Time that could be spent on studies is now being wasted on pelting stones for purposes largely unknown even to the stone pelters. It was the first time that schoolgirls took to the streets in their school uniforms to protest in Srinagar. And when they were asked by security forces to turn back, they started pelting stones, just like the Kashmiri boys have been doing for so long.

The students were angry since they alleged that security forces had entered their college without permission. They were also miffed about a temporary check-post being set up by security forces outside their college. The ruling coalition members, PDP and BJP, have expressed their concerns over the development. Speaking on the issue, a BJP spokesperson said that it is a serious issue that students are leaving their studies and coming out to protest and throwing stones. The coalition has appealed to the parents that they guide their children in the right direction.

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