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Telangana Government’s Saree Gift Leaves Many Women Fighting, Screaming And Angry

Telangana Government’s Saree Gift Leaves Many Women Fighting, Screaming And Angry.

Women seen yanking each other’s hair while waiting for free sarees or complaining loudly about the poor quality of the gift by Telangana government.

Sarees in 500 designs were chosen by senior bureaucrats for the Bathukamma festival, a nine-day event coinciding with Dussehra, in which women dance around flower arrangements.

The sarees are a festival gift for the poorest, says the government. 

“The women of Telangana will wear the sarees and dance Bathukamma,” said minister Talasani Srinivas Yadav. 

But the plan, perhaps inspired by J Jayalalithaa’s “Amma” sarees in Tamil Nadu, didn’t quite play to the script.

While started distributing the sarees this morning, trouble erupted in some areas.

At Saidabad women waiting in a long queue were seen pummeling each other and pulling at each other’s hair. 

Policewomen were seen pushing them to break up the fights.

On social media, groups of women were seen burning the sarees, alleging that they were of poor quality .

“Instead of getting a good name, KCR is losing our respect by giving such sarees. Will his daughter Kavitha dance Bathukamma wearing such a saree? Instead of this show of generosity, they should give us our ration on time and ensure quality,” said Mysamma.

There were some early birds like Fathima who said she was happy to get her saree even though she does not celebrate Bathukamma.

Minister Srinivas Yadav denied the festival gift was politically motivated.

“Don’t we give new clothes during Ramzan and Christmas as well? We are not looking at votes while distributing sarees,” he said.

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