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Telangana surpassed 10% growth rate

While the National Growth is pegged at 7.1%, Telangana has registered an impressive growth rate of 10.1% for the year 2016-17 making it the fastest growing state in India. The share of the state’s GSDP (Gross State Domestic Product) in national GDP has risen by seven basis points to 4.28 per cent. The figures were released by Industries Minister, K T Rama Rao.

Telangana is ruled by K Chandrasekar Rao aka KCR led Telangana Rashtriya Samithi(TRS) after it was carved out from unified Andhra, few years back. The State which had a 9.5% growth in 2015-16 saw it jumping past 2 digits with the total value pegged at Rs.5.11 lakh crores.

K T Rama Rao said “These figures show how the new state of Telangana has been making rapid strides on all fronts since its formation three years ago. The dynamic leadership of Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao has paved the way for putting Telangana at the top in the country.”

“Telangana State’s new industrial policy (TS-iPASS) that was launched in June 2015 under the guidance of our CM has played a major role in achieving good industrial growth, which in turn boosted GSDP,” he added further.

While in Unified Andhra, Telangana registered a growth of just 2.7% during the year 2012-13 which was less than half of the national growth average of 5.5% back then. From there to becoming the top in the country, the rise and growth of Telangana has been impressive.

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