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Tuesday , 26 March 2019
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Ten warning signs of your boyfriend’s unfaithfulness

boyfriend ditching me

Since time immemorial, the human quest for finding the “One True Love” or the “Soulmate” continues unabated. However, in these times of instant gratification and quick boredom, it can be hard for some men to be totally faithful to their lovers. Here are ten warning signs to look out, if you think your boyfriend is hiding something from you:

  1. You feel that something is amiss: Always trust your intuition. Blind faith will not lead you anywhere.
  2. He does not declare the relationship on social media: Social media is a great way to keep looking for other interesting dating prospects. By declaring that he is hitched or posting romantic pictures, he would compromise this chance.
  3. He checks out other girls (or boys) a lot when you go out: You may find him checking out other girls or boys, whenever you are out and he thinks you are not looking at him. This habit is a red flag to consider, if it happens a majority of times you go out.
  4. You begin spending less time together: He suddenly starts coming home late from office, quoting excess work and deadlines, where earlier he would come home at a fixed time every day. He cancels pre-planned meetings with you, quoting sudden and urgent reasons.
  5. He starts cherishing his privacy: He can no longer stay away from his phone and takes it even to the loo. He takes every possible step to prevent you from even looking at his mobile or computer, while earlier you were allowed to use these.
  6. He cannot account for his whereabouts for several hours in the day: While earlier, he could tell you everything about the way he spent the day, he now either shies away from this conversation or is secretive about what he was doing or where he was for several hours during the day.
  7. The sex either stops entirely or increases manifolds: You may find that your man is no longer interested in getting intimate with you, signifying that he no longer finds you interesting. Conversely, you may also find him suddenly becoming interested in having sex every time you meet, indicating his guilt and desire to make up for the time he is spending apart from you.
  8. Suspicious emails, chats, smses or phone calls: Despite his best efforts, there may be times, when you might accidently come across shady and flirtatious emails, social media chats and mobile smses on his computer or mobile. He might begin taking certain phone calls at places where he is sure you will not be able to hear.
  9. He follows several sexy girls or boys on his social media accounts: He may have a preference of befriending only sexy and very good-looking women and men on social media.
  10. Fights begin happening more often: He may suddenly start finding fault in everything you did when earlier he could not stop praising you and pick up fights frequently with you.

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