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Teresa May announces 5 Million Pounds for London Victims

The Grenfell Tower fire victims has some respite. Though the loss of life cannot be replaced by any means, British PM Teresa May has announced an ex-gratia of 5 Million Pounds to the victims. The cash would be distributed to the residents. The news comes at a time when the Government was criticised for failing to stop the disaster at the right time leaving the tower completely gutted. The Government had a different version to this though. It said the fire fighters could not reach the place on time due to narrow roads leading to the 27 storey apartment.

The Prime Minister who was criticised for not meeting the victims face to face, May visited the place on Friday where she was apprised of the situation by the officials. She also met the victims at a nearby hospital where they were treated.

May said “The individual stories I heard this morning at Chelsea and Westminster hospital were horrific. I spoke with people who ran from the fire in only the clothes they were wearing. They have been left with nothing no bank cards, no money, no means of caring for their children or relatives. One woman told me she had escaped in only her top and underwear.”

May then chaired a 2 hour crisis meeting to decide upon what actions to be taken. The 5 million would be distributed through the local council which will help the affected families to pay for anything that is needed including the funeral costs.

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