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Teresa May in trouble as 15 MP’s agree to sign no-confidence motion

UK Prime Minister Teresa May who spear headed the Brexit is in trouble. Some 15 Conservative Party MP’s have agreed to sign the non-confidence motion which would lead to her ouster. It is to be rembered here that on June 8, a snap election was held despite May having more than 3 years to rule.

“The numbers change from day to day depending on what’s happened but there are about 15 who are fairly consistent in their desire for change. If she has a quiet summer and there are no crises and things are not mismanaged then she might be able to cling on beyond conference, but that is still a big if,” a former minister said.

“No backbiting, no carping. The choice is me or (Opposition Labour leader) Jeremy Corbyn – and no one wants him,” said the Conservative MPs .

The UK Parliament requires at least 48 signatures to trigger the ouster and to appoint a new leader but the summer break may prove to be crucial where the opponents would do their background work to get the required figures. A Conservative Party survey shows that MP’s who has Troy grassroots wants PM May to quit by this Christmas.

The survey has supporter the appointment of Brexit Minister David Davis with 21% followed by ex Mayor of London and Foreign Minister at the present moment, Boris Johnson bagging 17%.

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