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Terrace garden: How does it help you?

terrace garden

Why should you have a terrace garden? Well, if you are a city dweller and have a good outdoor space, then why not create a beautiful terrace garden to chill and entertain in? Nowadays, gardening isn’t just limited to those who have green thumbs but is an activity which anyone can try and experience. In fact, gardening these days is widely recognised as a great way to reduce heat and improve the air quality. Still not convinced? Below mentioned are a few benefits of a terrace garden which will help you understand how amazing this initiative is:

  • Happiness:

If you are living in an urban crowded city, a terrace garden can help you maintain contact with nature still and enjoy a retreat in the heart of the city. Studies have shown that it can help boost your mental health and overall happiness as well. As such, mental disorders like stress or depression could also be reduced.

  • Insulates against heat:

A building having terrace garden tends to lose thirty percent less heat during winters and are cooler during the summers. The regular evaporation and dew cycle maintains the roof surface cool, especially during summers and thus offers thermal resistance within the house.

  • Retains and manages rainwater:

A terrace garden absorbs around 75% of the rainwater, thus lowering the runoff drastically while also helping in moderating the temperature. It also arrests storm water flow for as long as four hours, and minimizes the impact on the sewer systems when there is peak flow volume.  

  • Modify urban micro-climates:

Concrete, tarmac and cities retain heat and thereby create urban heat islands, which are around 10 Fahrenheit warmer than the surrounding suburbs. However, plants cool the atmosphere directly via transpiration and can therefore reduce the roof temperature dramatically.  

  • Improve air quality:

It is a known fact that plants take in carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and produce oxygen. As such, having a garden can help increase the production of oxygen and therefore help reduce pollution. They also help control around eighty five percent of the airborne particulates present on the surface of leafs.

  • Provide diverse habitats:

Terrace garden, when planted with a variety of flora, can offer perfect habitats for the survival of native insect and bird populations. Green rooftops help create biodiversity.

  • Aesthetics:

Generally, people who care about ecology would love to have a green space in a bare open space. Plants not just enhance the visual appeal of the house but also give a soul to it and therefore make the house more inviting and warmer.

So why not add value to your house with a terrace garden that will not only help you relax but also stay close to nature?

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