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Monday , 22 April 2019
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Terror Suspicion – 3 Brits arrested.

In what seems to a bizarre situation, a London bound easyJet flight made an emergency landing in Germany after three men allegedly had a  suspicion “terrorism-related” conversation, police said.

The three detained men have not been named under German privacy laws. According to local reports they were not previously known to police and do not appear to have any links to Islamic extremism.

The Airbus A319 with 151 passengers on board took off from the Slovenian capital shortly before 5pm on Saturday afternoon. After the crew tipped the captain about the 3 men, the flight took an immediate diversion to Cologne-Bonn airport in Germany, and passengers were evacuated down emergency slides.

A backpack belonging one of the men was examined by a bomb squad and destroyed in a controlled explosion, police said. It’s unclear why the backpack was singled out.
Dogs were also called to search the plane for suspicious items, but no explosives were found. The aircraft was later cleared for use.
Because the flight was rescheduled to continue Sunday, all passengers were given an overnight hotel stay and refreshments.

Police have given few details of the investigation, but according to unconfirmed German press reports its is now thought the emergency was a false alarm and the plane was never in danger.

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